A Penny A Day is an organization committed to the funding of charitable enterprises worldwide by providing them a program to facilitate small, sustainable, monthly donations by its members. The goals of the organization are simple:

To provide the public and corporate institutions a means of contributing sustainable, scheduled donations to local, national, and international institutions working for the public good in the following capacity:

  • Develop a means for donors to contribute funds automatically by deducting a scheduled amount with each paycheck.
  • Assist donors, corporations, and public good institutions with the donation transaction process.
  • Assist donors and corporations with finding public good institutions ready to receive funding.
  • Educate or provide educational material to donors, corporations, and public good institutions about scheduled donation planning.
  • Develop a means to provide donors, corporations, and donation recipients with easy-to-understand documentation of transactions.

Contribute in small ways, everyday. Get started.


Currently, A Penny A Day can not handle donation transactions, although we are hoping to support such services in the future. In the meantime, you can contribute directly to your favorite organization using the A Penny A Day program (described in our “Get Involved” packet (PDF: 75k)).

You can make a difference today by committing to a certain dollar (or cent) amount each day (payable according to a monthly cycle) to the organization(s) of your choice. To show the organization your intent, as well as to spread the word of the A Penny A Day program to a wider number of charitable organizations, just print and submit the Pledge Coupons (contained in the packet) alongside your payments.

Also, to volunteer to help with A Penny A Day or to include your charitable group in our service, please write us at [email protected](All correspondence will be treated as personal, private communication, and your information will never be sold or given to a third party.)

If you are looking to try the program today and wish to help a worthwhile cause, please consider making a donation to any of the not-for-profit organizations listed below. (For more information about any charitable organization’s efficiency, please visit the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance.)


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